The O Section Football Team Now showing inside an 'O'

  • Amrit Ayyar

    The Captain

    The humble yet effective leader. Always leading by example, scoring 6 goals and many assists
  • Shubham Singh

    The Dedicated

    He came into play a match at 0830 after spending the night on the streets and returning to the hostel at 0600
  • Aakarsh Singh

    The Brawler

    Determined player, 'fights' for the ball a lot, more than needed in fact. Good speed and unorthodox playing style
  • Siddharth Kumar

    The Fighter

    The frontman of the team. Scored 4 goals, but ended the season with a 'bang' (read: fight)
  • Tanay Gaherwar

    The Coach

    The joint top scorer with 6 goals. Tanay coached the team from the very start, arguing more with teammates than the opponents
  • Saumitra Dabral

    The Versatile

    He played up front for us, on the wings as well in a holding position. A team player. Unlucky to get injured half way through the season.
  • Akshat Singh

    The Tactician

    Raised a lot of eyebrows with his FIFA Manager kind of tactical analysis of Section B, tries his best to go ahead and support forward play
  • Anirudh Sarma

    The Showboat

    Even if you tell him to play in a defensive position, he will stay ahead and do his thing. Equipped with a host of tricks, he creates a lot of chances for the team
  • Suhaib Ahmed

    The Conqueror

    A rugged player with an amazing ball winning rate. Goes ahead and supports forward play as well as tracks back in time. Team player.
  • Rohit Sinha

    The Perfectionist

    Why perfectionist you ask? His touches are amazing, the ball just sticks to his feet. He came to support the team even after getting a serious ligament damage.
  • Fraz Anwar

    The Hulk

    Physical strenth level: 100. You don't just mess with this guy, a little push and you may be down. A commanding position in the defence
  • Abhimanyu Badola

    The Stopper

    The first of the many goalkeppers we had. He had his moments, saving a penalty, life as we know is tough for a GoalKeeper, he tried his best
  • Arpan Nandi

    The Spirit

    No, he is pretty much alive. A very hard working player who plays in the centre of defense, also doubles up as GK. Signifies the spirit of the team
  • Neelay Bharani

    The Combatant

    He may not be naturally gifted but he makes up for all of that with pushing himself to the limits. He tries hard to win every ball and tracks back into defensive positions
  • Nirav Pratap

    The Sprinter

    He joined the team late into the second half of the season. Always running and trying to get the ball into good positions, almost a goal per match. 3 goals in 4.
  • Utkarsh Saurabh

    The Impermeable

    He has his critics, people doubted he won't be able to play on the big stage, but his ball winning percentage stands high and proud.
  • Avishek Sharma

    The Inspired

    He came to see us once, and he was so overwhelmed by the team's performance that he started coming in to play from the next time. Gave his best everyone we made him play.
  • Aditya Kalele

    The Wall

    There was a different kind of belief about his game. He came in whenever he wanted to, and gave decent performaces as a centre back. Solid in defence and made good clearacnes
  • Adarsh Mergoju

    The Enthusiast

    He did prefer sleeping over football for a while, but whenever he got better of his laziness and got to the field. He played his heart out
  • Vaibhav Vishal

    The Infrequent

    The duration between his appearances was huge. Never the less whenever he did come, he played to the best of his capablites
  • Nikunj Maheshwari

    The Departed

    He played just the single match for us, the very first and then he went away. FOREVER
  • E V Subramanian

    The Twelfth Man

    Even though Tanay always tried to get rid of him and never allowing him to take proper team photographs, without him this would be not possible